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Buy a House or Rent One — What Should You Do?

If you want to move to a new home, you usually have two options. You can purchase the new property or you can rent it. But which one is the better option and why should you consider investing in real estate right now? Here are the best ideas you can focus on!

Renting a home

The primary benefit you get from renting a home is that you pay less and still live in that home. Not only that, but you also stay away from any repair or maintenance costs. If there are any issues like that, you call the owner and he will have to handle all those things for you. Moreover, relocation is faster and a lot easier this way, which is extremely important if you travel a lot.
In addition, you don’t have to worry about the real estate market, since you get to rent any property you want. The credit requirements are less strict if you opt for a rental, something that’s very handy. And yes, sometimes there are utilities already included in the price.
However, renting also has its own issues. You have a very limited house security and there’s little to no control over the ongoing housing costs. Also, there’s no equity building and no federal tax benefits that you can harness or access.

Buying a home

Purchasing a new home is great because you get to build equity over time. you can also get lots of tax benefits like homestead exemption or federal tax deductions. Renting a home doesn’t offer you these benefits. And yes, you can also get tenants and obtain rental income if you so desire, all while still being the owner.
Then there’s the fact that you have complete creative freedom. You can start DIY projects, customize your home in any way you want, paint walls and so on. There are no restrictions here. You get to be a part of the local community too, as a fully-fledged member.
The downside when buying a home is that you have to deal with real estate fluctuations, as your home can end up having a lower value in the long term. Also, you are committing to monthly payments for many years to come. Some homes don’t come furnished, so you have additional costs to worry about. Not to mention you are responsible for repairs and maintenance too.

Which is the best?

If you travel a lot for the time being, rental homes are the best option. But if you want to settle down, start a family and belong to a community, then buying a home is the best idea. Sure, you will have to deal with market fluctuations and high upfront costs. But you will have a clear place to live and one that you can customize as you see fit. It just makes a lot of sense and it can indeed bring you all the results you want in no time.

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