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5 Things to Know Before Renting an Apartment in Dallas

So you’re moving to Dallas—it’s a great decision because it’s an amazing city. But unlike other places you might have lived, there are a few things that you need to know before renting an apartment in Dallas. Every area is different so some (or all) of these might make sense to you while some might seem a bit out of the ordinary—welcome to the great state of Texas where you’ll get a healthy mix of strange (but good) and commonplace!

Five Important Things You Should Know about Renting an Apartment in Dallas

To help you get accustomed to your new city, we’ve put together a list of the five things that you absolutely have to know before renting an apartment in Dallas. They are:

Some Areas of Dallas are More Apartment Friendly than Others. Like any big city, you have many different zones and areas, each of which accommodates the actions that take place and the people who reside there. If you want a house, there are residential areas in Dallas where you would likely concentrate your search. If you’re looking for a dorm, you would likely go around the many colleges in Dallas (more on that in a second). But if you want an apartment in Dallas, you’re going to want to stick to the major apartment-heavy locations in the city, such as Uptown Dallas. Uptown Dallas has thousands of apartments, offering you not only the apartment itself but an entire lifestyle based on people who live in apartments. This means there is plenty of transportation and a vibrant restaurant and nightlife scene since most apartment dwellers are typically younger.

There are Different Leasing Options. While many areas around the country only offer one-year leases, when you rent an apartment in Dallas, you can find a few different options available. This includes one-year leases, six-month leases and in some cases, even month to month leases. Keep in mind that while possibly convenient for your lifestyle, shorter leases and month to month leases might come with some extra fees to secure the apartment complex’s investment. Locking tenants into a longer lease is more than ideal because it guarantees that the management will have income for at least a year. The extra fees you pay on a shorter lease will make up for that lack of guarantee.

There are Different Types of Apartments for Rent in Dallas. You should also be aware that there are all different types of rental locations and units available in Dallas. From townhouses that provide a bit more privacy (generally at a higher price) but fewer amenities, to apartment complexes that are more community-orientated, you’ll be able to choose which living situation best suits your price point and needs. Keep in mind that each different type of apartment for rent in Dallas will bring different benefits at different costs. It is best that you look through a few and find out everything you can about them before signing any documents.

There are a Lot of Colleges in Dallas. Keep in mind that when you are renting, the time that you look for the apartment will factor into not only the availability of apartments, but also the price you will pay for rent. While it is true that some rents are fixed in Dallas, many apartment complexes and buildings will rent on a supply and demand type scale. This means that when students are looking for apartments, there will be less supply, higher demand and therefore, higher prices and lower selection. When college students are going home for the summer or moving out for good after graduation, there are more apartments, meaning more supply and lower prices. You should always look for patterns and ask whoever you are dealing with if the prices fluctuate. If you have an option, waiting for speeding up your move could net you a better price.

Apartment Finders are the Way to Go. Finally, something that might not be true everywhere is that the best way to find a downtown Dallas apartment is to use an apartment finder. For those not familiar with it, an apartment finder is simply a search engine that is plugged into the local database of apartments that are available for rent. Apartment finders are free to use and work based on your search parameters. When you input what you’re looking for, the report you receive will tell you what’s out there and for how much, allowing you to instantly view and compare the rental properties in Dallas that are currently on the market.

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